Sunday, 26 June 2011

I'm Sorry

Submitted by J

I'm sorry I'm not good enough
To be the perfect friend
I'm sorry that you are tough
But all you do is pretend
I'm sorry that you end the day
In a way that is so rough
And in the end you leave me standing,
Clear out in the dust.

But I don't care what you think of me
Or why you do what you do.
I do not care that you are so mean
And that all you do is for you.
And you do it all to an insufferable degree
but eventually you'll get your due.
And in the end, I will not plead,
because the pain is overdue.

I do not care what becomes of us
And you're the one to blame.
I'm through with all your bullshit too,
The lies, the deceit, the game.
It's funny how you think I'll be back,
But I've set it all aflame
So finally bid farewell to you;
I have finally overcame.

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